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Revealing, Recognising and Rewarding Positive Role Models

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Endless positive acts 'revealed recognised and rewarded'

The kind of positive acts YOPEY ‘Reveals, Recognises, Rewards’ include:

• caring for family who maybe ill, disabled of have other problems;
• helping run a youth club or other organization;
• looking after abandoned or neglected animals;
• making communities safer through initiative or behaviour;
• raising money for charity or other good causes;
• showing a spirit in adversity that is an example to others.
• supporting or mentoring someone through a difficult time;
• volunteering for projects at home or abroad;
• working with disabled, ill or elderly people.

"The list is actually endless," says YOPEY founder Tony Gearing. "The only requirement is that the entry does 'gives to others'."

He gave examples: "If you’re a school, we want to hear about pupils who help run an event or support a friend through a difficult time. If you're a junior football club, we’re looking for the youngster who helps run the club – not necessarily the top goal scorer but the person who does things behind the scenes."

Mr Gearing believes some young people will be too modest to put themselves forward so YOPEY will be enlisting the help of schools in your area. It will also ask youth organisations, such as the Scouts and Guides, to nominate people. "But we don’t want the nominations to stop there," he added. "We want everyone to keep a look-out for fantastic young people and say ‘Have you entered Yopey? If not, I’ll nominate you'."

Yopey needs your help to find young unsung heroes

Everyone has become so focused on the negative that they have forgotten there are many fantastic young people out there. In today's negative climate, these fantastic young people have become too wary to put themselves forward. Or they are simply too modest, or too shy, or feel too out of step with their anti-social peers, to nominate themselves

So YOPEYs are open to anyone to nominate young people as well as to positive young people to enter themselves. This can be done on these pages – see panels on the right – or write to Young

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