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Watford sixth-formers in trial that could address 'national shame'

About 40 Watford sixth-formers from three schools are taking part in a trail befriending scheme in the town that could be an answer to ‘our national shame’.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt blasted British society’s neglect of its elderly and called upon the country to learn from other cultures where the young are better at supporting the old.

The YOPEY Befriender scheme is being run by the Young People of the Year organisation that promotes positive behaviour by the younger generation in association

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Platinum, gold, silver and bronze certificates

YOPEY Befrienders will be rewarded with a progression of certificates. But there is a shortcut to the top certificates if they do life histories.

After volunteering for 10 hours, befrienders can apply to YOPEY for a bronze certificate. All they do is record each hour they spend at their designated care home and get this initialed by a member of staff. When they have completed 10 hours, they scan their record of commitment and email it to YOPEY here.

After 20 hours they

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